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Sparks of Ancient Light
Sparks of Ancient Light

NEWS 2015


To all those who responded to my plea for help in finding "Coldest Winter Volume 1" - problem solved! Al Stewart has a great bunch of fans!


2015 Tour

photo by Randall Armor

With Dave Nachmanoff & Tim Renwick

Tour of Ireland and the UK,with guitarists Dave Nachmanoff and Tim Renwick
including two shows at the Royal Albert Hall with a full band,
led by musical director Peter White.

WARNING: all the tour links below are to venues (where possible) or ticket agents.
Their sites may use pop-ups, scumware or other nasties.
Please take care and always keep your antivirus up to date.

April 28 - Vicar Street - Dublin **

April 29 - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall - Glasgow **

May 1 - Bridgewater Hall - Manchester **

May 2 - York Barbican - York **

May 3 - The Sage - Gateshead **

May 5 - Liverpool Philharmonic Hall - Liverpool **

May 7 - Colston Hall - Bristol **

May 9 - Princess Theatre - Torquay **

May 10 - St. David's Hall - Cardiff **

May 11 - Congress Theatre - Eastbourne **

May 13 - Town Hall - Leeds *

May 14 - GLive - Guildford *

May 16 - Royal Albert Hall - London FULL BAND

May 17 - Cliffs Pavilion - Southend **

May 20 - Warwick Arts Centre - Coventry **

May 21 - Corn Exchange - Cambridge **

May 22 - Royal Albert Hall - London FULL BAND

  * with guitarist Dave Nachmanoff
** with David Nachmanoff and Tim Renwick

Details courtesy; links added.

New Discoveries

new 'unofficial' discs added this year:


Sooner or later in 2015 there'll be news of "The Lost Album" - 1960s tracks never ever released; plus a few that got added as 'bonus tracks' to re-released 1970s albums a decade ago.

Al Stewart For Sale

A number of 'silver disc' concert CDs for sale.

Al Stewart on YouTube

It's a pain to search YouTube, unless you know exactly what you are looking for;

you never know which of the 22 results is worth looking at

  • 7 of them are probably not what they claim to be
  • 13 are the same clip
  • 3 are simply unlistenable (no-one's found a Tori Amos version worth YouTubing yet)
  • 4 are some sad guy in his bathroom and an air guitar

Spare yourself the heartache and frustration - let us find them for you! Take a look ...

'Official' Albums

Tracklistings and extra information on all the 'digitally available' official releases


Tracklistings on all the 'digitally available' compilation albums - cross referenced to the albums where the tracks came from.

'Unofficial' Albums - 60s - 70s - 80s - 90s - 00s

Tracklistings on all the 'unofficial' albums that have been released through "Jackdaw" - cross referenced to the 'official' albums where the tracks can be found.

DVD Video

Just the two so far - but well worth a look!

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Al Stewart

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