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Live at Warwick University

8 November 1970

Tracklisting - Disc 1

1Swiss Cottage Manoeuvres5'01
2Zero She Flies9'12
3Electric Los Angeles Sunset6'05
4Songs Out of Clay5'21
5In Brooklyn6'06
6Samuel Oh How You've Changed6'31
7Room of Roots (Intro)1'21
8Room of Roots (Intro)3'05
9Room of Roots4'00
10It's All Right Ma13'07

Tracklisting - Disc 2

1News From Spain5'44
2Old Compton Street Blues 6'36
3Elvaston Place3'57
5Love Chronicles4'02
6Love Chronicles
7Small Fruit Song2'00
8Small Fruit Song2'54
9Summertime Blues2'30
10My Enemies Have Sweet Voices1'36
11My Enemies Have Sweet Voices5.15
Overall Quality (entirely subjective!)Five Star
Originality / UniquityFive Star
Sound Quality Tw  Star

This is a great show - but some of the tracks do have noises that shouldn't be there, either mixing desk issues or - more likely - due to late transcription from very old reel-to-reel tape!

Most of the tracks available on studio and compilation CDs.

copy may be available to buy

Many of these tracks can be found
on the first three albums:

To whom it may concern

This collection includes all of them
(plus an early single).

Other tracks are on:


This is impossible to find 'new' - I buy all my rarities from ebay, but I recommend observing before bidding - prices vary considerably.
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