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1Night of the 4th May7'43
2Maybe One Day 2'48
3Ivich 4'23
4 Charlotte Corday 3'57
5 Roads to Moscow 7'54
6One Stage Before 4'32
7Good As Gone 2'58
8 In Brooklyn3'30
9Old Compton Street Blues 4'03
10I Don't Believe You 3'32
11John Barleycorn 6'15
12Anna Ng 2'54
13Josephine Baker3'32

Briefly available as a double album "Rumours and Charlotte" with Rumours

Another fine collection of rarities, one of my favourites. Sound quality varies a little - the tracks are sourced at various times during the 1970s.

Overall Quality (entirely subjective!)Five Star
Originality / UniquityFive Star
Sound Quality Four Stars

This is impossible to find 'new' - I buy all my rarities from ebay, but I recommend observing before bidding - prices vary considerably.
Check if there's a copy for sale.
Most of the tracks are available on studio and compilation CDs.

copy may be available to buy
'I Don't Believe You' and 'Night of the 4th May' first appeared on "Orange" Orange
'Ivich', 'Old Compton Street Blues' and 'In Brooklyn' are available on "To Whom it May Concern" To Whom It May Concern
'Charlotte Corday' first appeared on "Famous Last Words"Famous Last Words
'Roads to Moscow' was on "Past, Present and Future" Past Present and Future
'One Stage Before' was first on "Year of the Cat" Year of the Cat
'Josephine Baker' was on "Last Days of the Century"Last days of the Century
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