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True Life Adventures of a Folk Troubadour

"A collection of photographs, most never published before, from both the public and private life of Al Stewart, Scottish cult folk hero behind chart hit "Year of The Cat" who enjoyed Top Ten success in the U.S.

Following the worldwide success of the official authorised biography The True Life Adventures of a Folk Rock Troubadour, Al opened up his family picture archive for the very first time and what you now have in your hands is a unique perspective of a truly amazing life.


From Al’s earliest days in post-World War Two Scotland, his pop bands in 60’s Bournemouth and life as a folk legend in Swinging London, through to his success in Hollywood and beyond, this book is there with him. -

Over five hundred photographs; 16 pages of full colour.
Limited to 2,000 copies worldwide."

Paperback - 256 pp - Helter Skelter Publishing - ISBN: 1900924900

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