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in the Cellar

Tracklisting  -  Sleeve Notes

1Waiting for Margaux 
2Tasting History 
3Down in the Cellars 
4Turning it into Water 
6The Night that the Band got the Wine 
7Millie Brown 
8Under a Wine-Stained Moon 
9Franklin's Table 
10House of Clocks 
12Toutes les Etoiles 
13The Shiraz Shuffle 

Inspired by Al Stewart's love of wine, 'Down In The Cellar' was produced and arranged by guitarist Laurence Juber (ex-Wings), who also plays acoustic and electric guitar - he last worked with Al on 'Between The Wars' (1995).

Al has composed 12 of the 13 tracks on the album, two of which he co-wrote with Laurence Juber - 'Tasting History' and 'Shiraz Shuffle'.

Peter White, musician and Al's long time songwriting partner, who worked with Al on many of his albums, plays accordion on 'Tous Les Etoiles'

Thirty four years after his first album, 'Down In The Cellar', is Al Stewart's 17th album, combining both his passion for music and wine. As an avid collector of wine, Al has received such accolades as 'Compagnon de Bordeaux' in 1977, 'Matres-Conseils en Vin de France' in 1980 and 'Commadeur d'honneur' in 1981.

  Published February 2001

Sleeve Notes

"Wine and song have gone hand in hand down through the millenia. They are two great art forms each capable of stimulating all five senses, electrifying the imagination and great pleasure.

My good friend Al Stewart, whom I've known for over 25 years and who's been a wine connoisseur for about 30, embodies the ideal combination of 'gee whiz' enthusiasm and serious expertise in his approach to wine.

Al is an outstanding composer and performer and an equally modest individual. He calls himself 'just a folk singer' but really his domain extends over a wide range of the pop rock spectrum. We've built a lasting friendship around our mutual appreciation of these precious liquids.

As Cole Porter was quoted, "a song is not a song without a lyric".

Music, like wine, is not only entertaining, but it also has a story to tell. Those familiar with Al's career know that there is not a better story teller than he. As a wine expert and as most special friend, I find the lyrics to be witty, knowledgeable, historically accurate and sometimes unexpected.

Unlike many contemporary artists, the songs of Al Stewart don't feel or sound like they come with an expiration date. Al's works exist outside of any time frame. Let the listener be entwind around Stewart's words and emotions, expressing his love for the wine and music."

Dennis Overstreet

Founder and Proprietor of The Wine Merchant, Beverly Hills, among America's Top Wine Shops for over 25 years. He is the author of two books, including "Overstreet's New Wine Guide".

Sleevenotes by kind permission of EMI Records

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