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Orange /

Past, Present and Future /

Modern Times

Orange/Past Present and Future/Modern Times
Two CD Set


1You Don't Even Know Meorange bullet 
2Amsterdamorange bullet 
3Songs Out of Clayorange bullet 
4News from Spainorange bullet 
5 I Don't Believe Youorange bullet 
6Once an Orange, Always an Orange
orange bullet 
7 I'm Fallingorange bullet 
8Night of the 4th of Mayorange bullet 
9Old Admiralsblue bullet 
10Warren Hardingblue bullet 
11Soho (Needless to Say)blue bullet 
12Last Day of June 1934blue bullet 
13Post World War Two Bluesblue bullet 
14 Roads to Moscowblue bullet 
15Terminal Eyesblue bullet 
16Nostradamusblue bullet 


orange bullet From Orange  
blue bullet From Past Present and Future  
purple bullet From Modern Times  



Swallow Wind

purple bullet 



purple bullet 


Sirens of Titan

purple bullet 


What's Going On

purple bullet 


Not the One

purple bullet 


Next Time

purple bullet 


Apple Cider Re-Constitution

purple bullet 


Dark and the Rolling Sea

purple bullet 


Modern Times

purple bullet 

This is actually a double album of Orange and Past, Present and Future with a rerelease of Modern Times with only one of the three 'bonus' tracks that the CD added to the original vinyl selection.

'News From Spain', 'Elvaston Place' and 'Swallow Wind' had all been added when the CD was first released. News from spain is a particularly appropriate track for this album; sad loss.

Audio CD (March 15, 2004)
Label: Demon
Catalogue Number: MEDCD730

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