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Love Chronicles

Love Chronicles

First release on CD planned for June 2007, with three bonus tracks. Up to now, the original tracks have been available on To Whom It May Concern.

Two of the bonus tracks can be heard now, too:

"Jackdaw" is on Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time, while "Fantasy" can be found on Dark Side. So far as I'm aware, "She Follows Her Own Rules" has never been released.


1In Brooklyn  
2Old Compton Street Blues 
3Ballad of Mary Foster  
4Life and Life Only  
5You Should Have Listened To Al  

Love Chronicles

 BONUS TRACKS:Also found on:
7JackdawSeemed Like A Good Idea ...
8She Follows Her Own RulesNot on any other album
9FantasyNot on any other album

All tracks are all on a double album collection:

To Whom It May Concern
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