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Zero She Flies


Zero She Flies

This is the first time that this album has been released on a single CD in it's original form, though it has long been available on To Whom It May Concern.

As well as being an excellent and well produced album, Zero is creditied (blamed?) for the introduction of 'Historical Folk Rock' as a genre, with the arrival of "Manuscript".

Three Bonus Tracks include "Stormy Night", which can also be heard on 13 Previously Unreleased Songs, and Al's version of the traditional Folk Song "Lyke Wake Dirge", recorded by Al and Mimi Farina. Plus a version of News From Spain, which features on Orange.


1My Enemies have Sweet Voices  
2A Small Fruit Song  
3Gethsemane Again  
5Electric Los Angeles Sunset  
7Black Hill  
9Room of Roots  
10Zero She Flies 
 BONUS TRACKS:Also found on:
11Stormy NightNot on any other album
12News From SpainPreviously unreleased version
13Lyke Wake DirgeOriginal Demo Recordings

Most of the tracks are on a double album collection:

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