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Al's final album of confessional love songs,including the legendary "Songs Out Of Clay" and "I'm Falling".There are three bonus tracks:

"Elvaston Place", Al's affectionate memoir of the London street where he lived at the end of the 60's, previously available on the unofficial Live at Warwick University, this track has also featured on many recent editions of Modern Times - but has been removed from the latest reissue. Confused? You will be!

There is also a new version of "Soho" and an unreleased Buddy Holly cover.


1You Don't Even Know Me  
3Songs Out Of Clay  
4News From Spain 
5I Don't Believe You  
6Once An Orange Always An Orange  
7I'm Falling  
8Night Of The 4th Of May  
 BONUS TRACKS:Also found on:
9Soho (Needless To Say)Previously unreleased version
10Elvaston PlaceModern Times - some editions
Live at Warwick University - unofficial album
11It Doesn't Matter AnymoreNot on any other album

Available as a double CD album: Orange - Past Present and Future - Modern Times

Original Release Date: 1972

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