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Modern Times

Modern Times


2Sirens of Titan 
3What's Going On 
4 Not the One  
5Next Time 
6Apple Cider Reconstitution 
7The Dark and Rolling Sea  
8Modern Times  
 ORIGINAL BONUS TRACKS:Currently found on:
9News from SpainOrange
10Elvaston PlaceOrange
11Swallow WindStill on this album
 2007 BONUS TRACKS:Also found on:
9 Swallow Wind
On previous versions of this album
10A Sense Of Deja Vu
Seemed Like A Good Idea ...
11Willie The KingSeemed Like A Good Idea ...

The original CD version of the 1975 vinyl album included three bonus tracks; News from Spain, Elvaston Place, and Swallow Wind. the first two of these are no longer on this album, as part of a push to get fans to repurchase ... they are now on Orange. In their place are two other 'bonus tracks'; A Sense Of Deja Vu and Willie The King.

Includes sleeve notes from Colin Irwin.

Musicians include, Simon Nicol, Tim Renwick, Peter Wingfield and Gerry Conway.

Produced by Alan Parsons.

Modern Times


Available as a double CD album: Orange - Past Present and Future - Modern Times

Original Release: 1975
Audio CD August 1992
Reissue 2000

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