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Indian Summer


1Here In Angola* 
2Indian Summer* 
4Delia's Gone* 
5 Princess Olivia* 
6Running Man  
7Time Passages  
8Merlin's Time  
9(If It Doesn't Come Naturally) Leave It 
10Roads to Moscow  
11Nostradamus (1)  
12World Goes To Riyadh 
13Nostradamus (2)  
14Soho (Needless To Say) 
15On The Border  
16Valentina Way  
17Clarence Frogman Henry 
18Year Of The Cat 

*Studio tracks - else live.


Finally, August 2007, this fine album gets a cd release!

"Indian Summer", the double live album from 1981, had only ever been a vinyl release, featuring three sides of Al Stewart and Shot In The Dark live in Los Angeles, with a whole side of studio Tracks.

When 24 Carrots was first released on CD, the studio tracks from this album (*), were added as bonus tracks. With the long delayed release of this CD, those tracks have been removed from 24 Carrots.

The 'Live Tracks'were eventually released on CD as Live At The Roxy

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