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Bedsitter Images

Bedsitter Images - 1967

Love Chronicles Love Chronicles - 1969
Zero She Flies Zero She Flies - 1970
To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern - 1993


Orange - 1972

Past, Present and Future

Past Present and Future - 1974

Modern Times

Modern Times - 1975

Orange, PPF, and Modern Times

Orange, Past Present and Future, and Modern Times
combined volume (double album)

See also Orange, Past Present and Future, Modern Times


Year of the Cat

Year of the Cat - 1976

Year of the Cat - Remastered 2001

Time Passages

Time Passages - 1978

Remastered - 2004

Time Passages Live - Released 2002

Time Passages Live
24 Carrots

24 P Carrots - 1980

Includes studio tracks from Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Never released on CD; Studio Tracks available on "24 Carrots", Live Tracks released as "Al Stewart Live"

Al Stewart Live

Al Stewart - Live - released 1997

Recorded at the Roxy, Los Angeles in 1981; these tracks were originally released on "Indian Summer" in 1981

Russians and Americans

Russians and Americans - 1984

Last Days of the Century

Last days of the Century - 1988

Rhymes in Rooms - Live Rhymes in Rooms - Live - 1992
Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words - 1993

Between the Wars

Between the Wars - 1995


Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time - 1996

down in the cellar

Down in the Cellar - 2000

A beach full of shells

A Beach Full Of Shells - 2005

Sparks of Ancient LightSparks of Ancient Light - 2008

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Dates are recording, when known; else first release.


Please note that availablility and track listings will vary from country to country from time to time; Covers change too, and one cover may be used for very different collections!

The picture shown on the right covered 17 tracks in the UK, just 11 in the US version

Best of Al Stewart
On the Border These are both 'On the Border' On the Border

A Note About Copyright

The 'unofficial' discs above were made and sold by Neville Judd for 'Jackdaw' the UK fan club; they are usually issued on blank CDs, with only a paper list of tracks, in a clear envelope. But that is Neville's right; he has an arrangement to reproduce and sell the discs.

If you purchase a disc, you do not have the right to copy it and sell the copies. You can, of course, sell your legally acquired disc.

I hope that all makes sense - because it is important!

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