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NEWS 2007

From Now On ...

The site will not be updated regularly with new 'unofficial releases'; and I'll not be too concerned with 'official releases' - except for genuinely new stuff.

I shall keep the site alive - for example, I'm adding some fine videos from YouTube (not necessarily the version featured on the that CD, but there ya go!), and I shall continue to add UK tour news and other events.

About This Video:

Matt Savage (piano) joins Al Stewart (rhythm guitar and vocals) and Dave Nachmanoff (lead guitar) to perform Stewart's hit "Year of the Cat".

This was recorded on August 17, 2007 at the Francestown Old Meeting House in Francestown, NH.


I hope you'll find the site continues to be worth visiting, bookmarking and linking to - just I feel the discography has been developed as far as it needs to go in this download age!

Re-Issue Time - 3

Three more albums to be reissued from June 2007

Past Present and Future comes twinned with a second CD of a 'live' version from his 1973 UK tour - that's a good bonus! (promised for June, but no confirmed release date).

Year of the Cat was re-released in 2004 with 'bonus tracks'; it has no lost those tracks and will come with a twinned live tour CD - mixed blessing there for those who bought in 2004! (promised for June, but no confirmed release date).

Time Passages also comes with a live companion CD; the value of this one will depend on the detail, as Time Passages Live has been available for a few years. (promised for June, but no confirmed release date).

The promotors fight back - read their defense here

Modern Times

Re-Issue Time - 2

The highlight of this latest batch - the highlight of the program - is the first time ever release on one disc Indian Summer.

If you only buy one of these albums, buy this one!

24 carrots and Modern Times are a bit yes and no - rearranging bonus tracks to force the fans to buy albums all over again. Not exactly ethical, but the latest suicidal fad of record companies who know they've lost the battle against downloads, and are determined to squeeze the last cent out of loyal fans before it's too late!

The promotors fight back - read their defense here

In this case, SLAGIATT was always claimed to be an 'official release', despite its limited circulation, so why is it being dismembered and redistributed as 'never before released tracks'?

I've cross-referenced the new versions with the old.

24 Carrots
Indian Summer

Bedsitter Images

Re-Issue Time!

Most of the whole back catalogue is being rereleased between now and June, with first ever CD releases of the first three albums, and plenty of bonus tracks!

I'll be adding more details for all the albums before the release dates.

So far, I've added details on the first four - including alternative sources for most of the bonus tracks.

Love Chronicles
Zero She Flies

Bedsitter Images

Love Chronicles

Zero She Flies



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Tracklistings and extra information on all the 'digitally available' official releases


Tracklistings on all the 'digitally available' compilation albums - cross referenced to the albums where the tracks came from.

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Tracklistings on all the 'unofficial' albums that have been released through "Jackdaw" - cross referenced to the 'official' albums where the tracks can be found.

DVD Video

Just the two so far - but well worth a look!


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I'll be grateful for any information, comments or suggestions to help in building these pages into the best Al Stewart Pages on the web.
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