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UK Autumn Tour Dates

September 2001

Year of the Cat - Remastered +bonus

10th September 2001 saw the 'anniversary reissue' of Al Stewarts biggest-selling album.

Details on the Year of the Cat Page

New Compilation Album

September 2001 also saw the release in Germany of a new compilation album.

Details on the Singer/Songwriter Page

Europe, US Concerts

Information offered in good faith, but, as ever, subject to late change - and watch out for booking commissions! Updated:
12 Sept 01

9 0ctober



10 0ctober
11 0ctober
Box office:
12 0ctober
Box office:
14 0ctober
28 0ctober

Generations Nightclub
St Louis
Missouri, USA

18 November
Grace Cathedral
San Francisco,
California, USA
19 November
Grace Cathedral
San Francisco,
California, USA

August 2001

Site Rebuild

As the site has grown, so have file sizes, and so has the task of updating links with the smallest of site changes.

So I have done a fairly radical rebuilding of the site - though the changes should be invisible, as I have made much greater use of templates, with more editable areas, plus I have started using server side includes to reduce file sizes.

So, why tell us?

The change that will affect visitors is the change of name of almost all text files from .HTML to .SHTML; this means any bookmarks will be affected, except those pointing to the front page.

Sorry for the inconvenience; this should be a one-off change, that will allow me to achieve more, in less time - and time has been a tad tight lately!

June 2001:

Web Ring Created

I've created a web ring to enable Al Stewart Fan Sites to link and promote each other.

Web Editors: Find out more!

No money involved - just a bit of 'javascript' on the page, which will look like this:

Second UK Tour this year!

New Discs Arrive

The Four double CDs from the UK tour, plus 'Neville's Bonus', have arrived; I'll be adding pages for each over the next couple of weeks.

Watch for these becoming text links ... [3 down 2 to go]

Live in 2001: Croydon Ashcroft

Includes: Almost Lucy, Rocks in the Ocean, London's Brilliant Parade; recorded 14th February 2001

Live in 2001: Jazz Café Camden Town

Includes: Night Train, House of Clocks, 1934, Josephine Baker, The Elf; recorded 28th February 2001

Live in 2001: Leeds

Includes: Timeless Skies, Shadows Medley, League of Notions, Waiting for Margaux; Recorded 7th March 2001

Live in 2001: Bournemouth

Walk Don't Run, Old Admirals, Fields of France, Timeless Skies, The Elf plus Special Guests

2001 Bonus

Includes: Night Train, Rocks in the Ocean, Flying Sorcery, Josephine Baker, Timeless Skies, The Elf;

UK Autumn Tour 2001

Information offered in good faith, but, as ever, subject to late change - and watch out for booking commissions! Updated:
12 Sept 01

13 Sept

Metropolitan Arts Centre
Derby Hall
Market Street


14 Sept

Civic Centre
The Waterdale Centre


15 Sept

Huntingdon Halls


18 Sept

Beck Theatre
Hayes, Middx


19 Sept

Pacific Arts Centre


20 Sept

Renfrewshire Ferry
Clyde Place


22 Sept

Y Theatre


23 Sept

Brigend Recreation Centre
Angel Street


28 Sept

Phoenix Arts Centre
Bradninch Place
Grandy St.


29 Sept

Astor Theatre
Stanhope Road


1 Oct

Queen Elizabeth Hall
South Bank


2 Oct

Concert Hall
Town Hall


3 Oct

Wyvern Theatre
Theatre Square


4 Oct

The Regal Centre
Carlton Road


7 Oct

Cheese and Grain
Market Yard
Justice Lane
Frome, Somerset


8 Oct

Swan Theatre
High Wycombe


More information at
Al Stewart Online; The Official Page

April 2001: New Discs

Neville Judd has written to members of Jackdaw with news of four double CDs from the recent 'Cellar Tour'.

Double CD-1: Croydon

Includes: Almost Lucy, Rocks in the Ocean, London's Brilliant Parade

Double CD-2: Camden Town

Includes: Night Train, House of Clocks, 1934, Josephine Baker, The Elf

Double CD-3: Leeds

Includes: Timeless Skies, Shadows Medley, League of Notions, Waiting for Margaux

Double CD-4: Bournemouth

Walk Don't Run, Old Admirals, Timeless Skies, Feel So Fine, The Elf plus Special Guests

I'll add further details here as soon as I get my copies!

March 2001: Tour Cockup

The Jazz Cafe dates in London were seriously mis-sold, though for most of us, it did not spoil the evening (see review).

The evenings were sold as 7.30pm, doors open at 7pm; no mention of support. Now I doubt anyone expected the show to start before 8pm; but a 9.45 start meant that some people had to leave very early to catch last trains, and many left before the end - or had to rush off without getting autographs.

As one thirty year fan commented "I came on the train as it saved worrying about finding somewhere in Camden to park - but if only I'd known, I would've driven in"

Another disgruntled fan chipped in: "Let's face it, they couldn't organise a p***up in a brewery!"

At least the doorman had the decency to tell us - so we had the option of popping back to the Cobden Arms for another fine pint and three England goals, without missing a minute of the concert - and a treble whammy for me, as I live a stone's throw from Camden.

Read the review

February 2001:

Down in the Cellar

Released UK: 12 February 01

Hey, EMI: Where's my review copy?

January 2001:

***UK Tour Dates 2001***

Weds 14th Feb Croydon Ashcroft Theatre
Thurs 15th Feb Belfast The Empire
Fri 16th Feb Dublin Vicar Street
Sun 18th Feb Liverpool Neptune Theatre
Mon 19th Feb Derby Flower Pot
Thurs 22nd Feb Beverly Picture House
Fri 23rd Feb Newcastle Opera House
Sat 24th Feb Milton Keynes The Stables
Sun 25th Feb Aldershot Princes Hall
Tues 27th Feb London Jazz Café
Wed 28th Feb London Jazz Café
Fri 2nd Mar Southampton The Brook
Sat 3rd Mar Bilston Robin 2
Su 4th Mar St Donat's Arts Centre
Tues 6th Mar Ashton Under Lyme Witchwood
Weds 7th Mar Leeds City of Varieties
Fri 9th Mar Sheffield City Memorial Hall
Sat 10th Mar Yealhampton The Centre
Sun 11th Mar Frome Cheese and Grain


December 2000:

Find out about the latest "Unofficials":

Cellar Tour - Live on the East Coast
Best of the Unreleased Tracks

October 2000:

New Album Announced: Down in the Cellar

September 2000:

New Album to be on Miramar Records in USA. New Deal may mean re-release of more of the early albums. UK distribution to continue with EMI

1997 Tour

3 OctoberLiscombe Park, Soulbury, Bucks 
4 OctoberThe Lanterns, Ashburton, devon 
6 OctoberThe Cellar, Thomas Street, South Shields 
7 Octoberas above 
8 OctoberRobin Hood, Merry Hill, Brierley Hill 
10 OctoberEmpire, Shepherds Bush Green, London 
11 OctoberThe Cinema, Main Road, Hebden Bridge 


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