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Al Stewart

Best of MusikLaden


  1. On the Border
  2. Soho (Needless to say)
  3. Time Passages
  4. Palace of Versailles
  5. I don't believe you
  6. Valentina Way
  7. Year of the Cat
  8. Song on the Radio

This DVD was first available a s a VHS video; It was made in Europe in 1979.

Al Stewart never really appears at ease in front of the small studio audience, but manages a pretty good performance nonethe less.

Technically, it's nothing exciting (the pop video revolution was still a couple of years away!). The lighting is pretty poor, with shadow sometimes is seen on Stewart's face

The music is recorded in two-track stereo, mostly tracks taken from "Year of the Cat" and "Time Passages" albums.

Made to fit a one-hour TV slot, the show runs to 45 minutes.

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