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Year of the Cat

Year of the Cat

Live at Glastonbury, England, 2010 - on the Acoustic stage, with Dave Nachmanoff
gBc-bHv1F8c by hallmork357

Live on the Old Grey Whistle Test - 1977
QM7LR46zrQU by ElaineMarley

Don Kirshner's Rock Concert - 1977
F6UVbz4QL4A by yukiyuki33

Long Intro Version - 1979
AazEMt0eoFg by lednareff

Solid Gold Classic - 1982
q-GMX2m8TUY by runningman904

Live, Peter White on keyboards - 1988
ytargZBe8wU by yukiyuki33

Live in Roosendaal - 2007
8N_eCZJM5js by vincentlyons

Bedsitter Images

Bedsitter Images

Gig Music Hall, Kitchener 2009 with Dave Nachmanoff
u3Aff3kJt-0 by philipbast

Not Yet Available

  • Swiss Cottage Manoeuvres
  • Not available
  • The Carmichaels
  • Not available
  • Pretty Golden Hair
  • Denise At 16
  • Samuel, Oh How You've Changed!
  • Cleave To Me
  • A Long Way Down From Stephanie
  • Ivich
  • Beleeka Doodle Day
  • Lover Man
  • Clifton In The Rain

Love Chronicles

In Brooklyn

With Dave Nachmanoff 2009
LQN3ZyhETRw by davenach

Not Yet Available

  • Old Compton Street Blues
  • Ballad of Mary Foster
  • Life and Life Only
  • You Should Have Listened To Al
  • Love Chronicles

Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Fields of France

Al Stewart and Dave Nachmanoff - 2009
CNgEZOLtJXQ by davenach

The Coldest Winter In Memory

Al Stewart with Laurence Juber 18 July 2009
KK5KUJXYrjA by VanielDonovan

Not Yet Available

  • Where Are They Now?
  • Soho (Needless To Say)
  • In Red Square
  • A Sense of Deja Vue
  • How Does It Happen?
  • Candy Came Back
  • Jackdaw
  • The Bear Farmers of Birnam
  • In The Dark
  • Blow Your Mansion Down
  • Willie The King
  • Merry Monks
  • Ghostly Horses Of The Plain
  • Mixed Blessing

Other Songs (not on original albums)

Not Yet Available

  • Go Your Way
  • My Contemporaries
  • She Follows Her Own Rules

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